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Welcome to Coastal and Ocean Engineering Laboratory!

The Coastal and Ocean Engineering Laboratory of Nagoya University was traditionally a part of the Hydraulic Engineering Laboratory since the construction of the Department of Civil Engineering in 1961. The Hydraulic Engineering Laboratory was divided into the Hydraulic Engineering Laboratory and the Coastal and Ocean Engineering Laboratory in 1986. However, both laboratories still share the same experimental hall, which was reconstructed in 1993. Our laboratory has conducted successful researches in the field of coastal and ocean engineering and is well known of its high standards. A great number of the doctoral and master degrees have been awarded in addition to many research projects funded by public and private sectors. The laboratory also welcomes international students to the master/doctoral courses since 1990.




  • D3
    • YOSHIFUJI Naoki
  • M1
    • MURAOKA Hiroki
    • NAKAI Yuto
    • NAKAYAMA Ryoya
    • YOSHIMURA Kazuki
    • Hong Hyeonseon
  • B4
    • AKITA Naoki
    • WATANABE Mikiya

Experimental Hall

The experimental hall of the Coastal and Ocean Engineering Laboratory was reconstructed in 1993. It has two floors, each of approximately 500 m^2 area. The first floor has a two-dimensional wave tank which is 30.0 m long and 0.7 m wide, while the second floor has a three-dimensional one which is 28.0 m long and 11.0 m wide. The laboratory is equipped with a large number of gauges for measuring water levels, water flow velocity, water pressure and so on. The equipment and tools are updated regularly to keep up with the latest technology.

Contact Information

Coastal and Ocean Engineering Laboratory,
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering,
Nagoya University,
Furo-cho, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya 464-8603,
+81-52-789-4630 (Prof. Mizutani)
+81-52-789-4632 (Assoc. Prof. Nakamura)
+81-52-789-4634 (Assist. Prof. Cho)
+81-52-789-3731 (Student room)